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With Isaacs and Baker you don't just watch the show your part of it. Never insulting, never mean. Whether it is booked for family style or edgy adult the people they bring up on stage become instant celebrities. These guys have been referred to over and over again as the “Quickest Thinkers In Comedy” . Their fast-paced off-the-cuff show can be based entirely on the vibe of the audience and venue or the theme of a corporate event. Because audience interaction is encouraged with the performers there is no predicting the punchline, and no two shows are the same! The “Quickest Thinkers In Comedy” show is an hysterical high-energy evening filled with call backs and catch phrases that those in attendance will be using for months or years to come. Al and Scott have spent years honing their craft and the result is a one of a kind experience that has audiences cheering. Their material is not only flexible to be age appropriate to the room, from family friendly to a 'late night edge', but can be customized for corporate or regional shows to include event specific material! By getting the audience involved with all aspects of the show they make a theater filled with strangers feel like a living room with close friends! Everything from audience members shouting out suggestions, providing sound effects, or even playing a role right along on stage! There's a reason theaters have booked Al Isaacs & Scott Baker's shows year after year, and resorts feature them weekly for months at a time. It's the same reason that there have been fans who have come to see them eight or nine times. It is Literally “Comedy at the speed of thought”!

And when you throw in the magic and comedy of legendary Long Island entertainer Vinnie Mark - you get an evening of comedy that nobody will ever forget!!!





"I've been in the biz full time since 1980 and I can not laugh any harder! Al and Scott are masters at improvisation!"
- Andy Scarpati owner of Comedy Cabaret

"Isaacs & Baker are KILLIN' IT at The Borgata!"
- Richie Minervini entertainment director at The Borgata, Atlantic City

"All of those persons from my unit that I spoke to could not believe the level of talent that you guys demonstrated.  Thank you guys for taking time out your busy schedule to put on such a magnificent performance."
- MSgt Edwin J. Jones

"We judge acts by doors. A '10 Door' act would mean we had to open 10 doors during their show so people could leave. A '1 door' or '2 door' act would be signed immediately. You guys are a '0 door' act!"
- Woodloch Resorts

"The funniest comedy team on the East Coast"
- Mohegan Sun

"If you guys did 100 shows last year that's like 600 people who, for the rest of their lives, will talking about that time they got to be a part of an awesome comedy show. Now keep multiplying that by how many years you're doing this."  - Email from audience member at WiseCrackers Comedy Club in Scranton, PA

"Isaacs & Baker held us totally captive with their quick wit, their ability to relate to and play off of our industry (that of construction), and their expertise in getting our audience to actually participate in some of the funniest skits that people are still talking about to this day. They went above and beyond the call of duty ."
Donna M. Cavaliere, Caldwell & Walsh Building Construction