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"I've been in the biz full time since 1980 and I can not laugh any harder! Al and Scott are masters at improvisation!"
- Andy Scarpati owner of Comedy Cabaret

With the Kids at Woodloch Resorts (Family)

'Sound FX' Compilation (Various)

Highlights from a Firehouse Fundraiser (Adult)

'Book Review' with pro wrestling legend Johnny Valiant

Fan Favorite - 'Sound FX' from the 2012 Long Island Comedy Festival
(Some Adult Language)


No two Isaacs & Baker shows are alike, so they always encourage the audience to take pictures and video when we pull someone from their party up on stage and share it on their Facebook page. The result has been a huge collection of laughing, smiling strangers who have one thing in common...

"If you guys did 100 shows last year that's like 600 people who, for the rest of their lives, will talking about that time they got to be a part of an awesome comedy show. Now keep multiplying that by how many years you're doing this." - Email from audience member at WiseCrackers Comedy Club in Scranton, PA