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Al's next 6-week improv workshop at Hofstra University begins on Thursday, February. This is a part of their Continuing Education program, so you do not have to be a part of their current enrollment to join. If you want to improve your creativity for work, your self-esteem, or just want to have a great time with new people, then CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!!!


"Isaacs & Baker held us totally captive with their quick wit, their ability to relate to and play off of our industry (that of construction), and their expertise in getting our audience to actually participate in some of the funniest skits that people are still talking about to this day. They went above and beyond the call of duty."
Donna M. Cavaliere, Caldwell & Walsh Building Construction

"At the end of a long day of formal presentations, Isaacs & Baker re-energized the audience.  They did a great job of adapting their act to fit the audience (accountant theme!) - just one laugh after another.  The entertainment balanced a great day of education and learning with some hysterical corporate fun."
Bob Torella, MBA  AccountantsWorld

"Where is the Love Button? LIKE doesn't begin to express how much we love Al and Scott at Hofstra University Continuing Education!"
- Debbi Honoroff,
Senior Director, Marketing Communications at Hofstra University Continuing Education

Improvisational Training by Isaacs & Baker

What started out in 2001 as a class for up and coming comedians at a local comedy club quickly became much more. It didn't take too long to realize that the skills being taught to foster talent for the stage are the same that could improve life for students in the classroom, as well as professionals in the boardroom. That's why Isaacs & Baker have become instructors and guest lecturers at Hofstra University, Dream Makers Performing Arts, and sought after by companies and schools across the Tri-State area.

> Link: Read about Al's Hofstra Course in Newsday (pdf)

So why do schools bring in Isaacs & Baker to teach teens and young adults?

What Isaacs & Baker bring to younger students is a fun, supportive environment. Games and exercises focus on collaboration, teamwork, character building, commitment, and spontaneity. While having fun with their peers, the program sharpens the mind, builds confidence, makes great friends, and teaches to play to the top of one's intelligence. Past participants in our teen classes have reported using improv skills for standing up to bullies, landing roles in professional stage productions, and many more positive results.

So why do corporations and businesses bring in Isaacs & Baker for seminars and training days?

Isaacs & Baker partner with your company to devise an  improv training program tailored to enhance your employees' creativity, communication, and collaboration. Our high-energy and humorous business improv training and teamwork seminars align with your business goals and can also integrate facets of your own corporate training. The skills that we teach yield long-term personal and professional benefits. When you apply the principles of comedy improv to the business world you: Improve your public speaking - Create a stronger first impression - Generate sales - Be a better team leader - Ace that job interview - Stand out at a networking event. The creative exercises, drills and games will have you working at the speed of thought. You don't need to be funny to be successful; you just have to be willing to have fun!

Improv in business is NOT
- Lying or making things up out of thin air.
- Trying to be a comedian (although an appropriate sense of humor is an asset).
- Disorder
- Stalling without purpose
- The path of least resistance ( AKA taking the easy way out, looking for short cuts or being lazy)
Improv in business IS
- Accurately assessing the needs of a given situation, quickly and spontaneously
- Taking action to address relevant issues
- Moving forward in a positive new direction
- Working with your intuition toward useful results
- Operating clearly in chaotic situations
- Trusting your instincts and taking risk 
- Being innovative

We also realize that many of the concepts that hinder performers plague professionals as well. Whether it's the 'stage fright' syndrome of presenting to a group of potential clients, or 'writer's block' when you've got a Power Point to put together. Isaacs & Baker can tailor make a day of exercises that will help you overcome these hurdles, and have a great time while doing it!